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Has Stress Got You Off Balance?

The Cause of All Disease is Stress!

Hi There, I’m Teresa Maron, and I would love to share with you my Gentle, Quick and Easy Method of removing stress, reversing the signs of aging, and reducing the symptoms of disease. Stress affects us on every level! 

Joyful Journeys Brings You Vibrant, Sustainable, Energetic Health!

3-D Book Cover (Are You Balanced_) copyIn this report you will:

          • Learn to tell Immediately when you become Un-Balanced
          • Learn to Identify the Source of Subconscious Triggers
          • Learn to Balance Yourself before Physical Symptoms Occur

Daily Affirmation for Balance

I am aware of a higher intelligence that guides me, protects me and honors me.


My Story

“Many times I allowed my stress to become subconscious, buried, hidden from my friends, family and especially co workers. Everything is fine. I was feeling the pressure of competition, of being a solo-preneur, and afraid of not living up to my obligations, feeling depressed at my body image and growing older. It became unbearable, and I realized how dangerous and deadly it is to bury these stressful imprints, because they don’t go away. That’s when I knew I had to create this Series, to share the results of my research at an affordable price. The information is not new, but it’s easy to keep doing things the same way, continuing self destructive habits. My system is easy, just 15 minutes a day, and everyone can benefit from less stress.” Teresa Maron See Teresa’s Full Bio Here.

The feeling of being completely stress free is the Joyful Journey! And the bonus is, that the Joyful Journeys Energy Medicine methods and techniques preserve your health and vitality without drugs and procedures. Learn Chakra Balance today!

Is the most powerful preventative care available Right for You?

Are you ready to Look, Feel, Live and Create a Better Life through the Conscious and Intentional use of daily Stress Management techniques? Are you ready to release your stress, both conscious and sub conscious, as part of a daily maintenance routine? And are you really ready to get rid of those self defeating patterns, habits and behaviors that you know just don’t work?

If this sounds intriguing, you might be one of the millions of sufferers of deeply buried subconscious stress!

You might be surprised at the symptoms of stress alerting you to dis-ease before it becomes a physical symptom. And once you recognize them, you see them are everywhere. Get Your Free Chakra Report Here.

The cause of all disease is stress.

“Teresa’s Intentional Meditation Series gave me a new way to deal with the stress of losing my job. Now I see how stress was affecting my health, and how deeply I was in denial. I kept telling myself everything was fine, but it wasn’t. Now I love my new job and appreciate it so much!” J Wendolyn, Houston

What you are thinking, feeling and saying is affecting you, and everyone around you.

How it works: Our bodies regenerate new cells about every 21 days. As we become more positive, remove more stress from our lives and feel more Joy, we create better cells. We can reverse the signs of aging and heal disease by creating better cells faster than we create sub standard ones. Being aware of our chakra system, and what part of the body each represents, keeps you conscious of the process of creating better cells. What could be a better way to live?

 “After 2 years of traditional medicine for a chronic and painful condition, Teresa helped me see where my pain was coming from and gave me relief in just one session. After using her method for a year I am well. This is the one-on-one research that has resulted in her Intentional Meditation Series. I was part of it, and it works!” L Morris, Dallas

The Joyful Journeys Intentional Meditation Series teaches you to take control of your health with a daily routine! As you rid your cells of stress and feel better physically, your memory, Intuition and manifestation skills start to explode with ideas and opportunities. Creativity makes new ways of thinking possible, with Vibrant, Sustainable Energetic Health.

Remove Stress- Create Better Cells- Reverse Signs of Aging-Reduce Symptoms of Disease