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Have you felt a Self Defeating Shift in Optimism? Do You Feel Something Essential is Missing? Is there a Lack of Purpose, Diminished Feeling of Personal Power, Low threshold of Joy? Do you want your Sparkle Back?

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Are You Balanced?7 Signs Your Chakars are Stressed, Blocked or Overstimulated

7 Signs your Chakras are Stressed, Blocked or Overstimulated

In this free report, you will find out how Chakra Energy works, how stress affects your health, how to tell if you have any Chakras that are stressed, blocked or overstimulated, and get Teresa’s easy-to-read chart on Symptoms of Balance, to do a daily check up on yourself. Is this right for you?

  • Do you struggle to really take care of yourself?
  • Is there a constant undertone of worry?
  • Are you in a relationship that isn’t intimate?
  • Do you have a hard time feeling completely relaxed?
  • Do you have an ongoing chronic condition?
  • Do you find yourself repeating self destructive habits?
  • Has feeling good turned into feeling good enough?

Remember, Stress is the Cause of All Disease

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you have subconscious stress, and it is being renewed with every cell you create. When you release this stress, you will start to create better cells, as your body naturally replaces them. If you have tried other methods, to no avail, then maybe it’s time to look at the Intentional Meditation Series, teaching you the most self empowering preventative care in our world. Rid yourself of stress before it becomes a mental, emotional or physical disease. Forever. Find out more in my report.

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What is Subconscious stress and Why does it cause Self Destructive behavior?

Some people seem A-OK. Maybe they didn’t have the upbringing or challenges you did, but more likely they have just learned to manage their reactions to stress. And so can you. I want to support you with this Free 30 minute Podcast!

Do You:

  • Have an addiction to debt?TheChakrasLearningBlog
  • Have Relationships that do not honor you?
  • Put off health scans and preventative care?
  • Injure yourself accidentally?
  • Repeat patterns even though you have vowed to change?

Stress is said to be subconscious when you are in denial, and are consciously giving yourself the pep talk. Everything is fine! Or, it can come from past disappointments and sorrows that you are burying in a deep memory.  Don’t go there!

Get this Mp3 audio and Find out how stress affects your health, happiness and ability to succeed today!

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Teresa Maron

Teresa Maron, creator of the Intentional Meditation Series, is an author, speaker, radio host and consultant on the subject of the deadly effects of stress. Her Free Chakra Report will teach you to understand where your stress is coming from, and how it affects your health, happiness and ability to succeed. Now you can rid yourself from stress forever with Teresa’s method. 





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