Shirley Cunningham
Kissed by God:
Holy Women Create Series

by Shirley Cunningham

This is an amazing retreat style experience, skillfully and lovingly facilitated by Shirley Cunningham.  In our first of a four part series, we are featuring St Brigid of Ireland, as an informative, experiential online workshop. Learn about St Brigid, and glean insights into your own spiritual walk and life purpose with God. Shirley’s varied teaching modalities and loving spirit will bless you in your continuing spiritual journey.  More Info Here


2 hours Audio and E Book

Remove Stress, Reverse Aging, Reduce Disease by Creating Better Cells, Naturally

Crystal and Color Healing

Crystal and Color Healing
Video Tutorial and eBook


Learn to Read the Akashic Records
Audio and eBook


RTP-Main-Cover copy

Restoring True Prosperity
Video Set (5) and Workbook


Learn Energy Medicine

Learn Energy Medicine
Audio Set (6) and Workbook


Intentional Meditation Series
5 Videos, Audio and eBook


Stress Relief Retreat
March 19-26, 2016



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