Learn to Meditate with Color, Crystals and Gemstones

Meditation is about communication with your subconscious mind, getting clear about what you really want, and seeing clearly what are merely false projections from yourself and others.

Projections are expectations, pre-conceived notions and reactions from past bad experiences that must be first faced, then released and finally replaced with a new thought habit.

Many of us have so many traumas and repetitive negative actions it gets hard to tell the real from the shadows.

That is where this class, Learn to Meditate with Color, Crystals and Gemstones is a real tool for healing.

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E WorkBook and 1 hour Audio

Learn To Meditate

Learn to Meditate with Color, Crystals and Gemstones, a 17 page E Workbook, and 1 hour Meditation Audio

Price: $47.00

Remove Stress, Reverse Aging, Reduce Disease by Creating Better Cells, Naturally

Crystal and Color Healing

Crystal and Color Healing
Video Tutorial and eBook


Learn to Read the Akashic Records
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Restoring True Prosperity
Video Set (5) and Workbook


Learn Energy Medicine

Learn Energy Medicine
Audio Set (6) and Workbook


Intentional Meditation Series
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Stress Relief Retreat
March 19-26, 2016




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