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Spiritual Adventures for Today’s Wise Woman

Next Retreat June 18-June 25, Mid-Summer Nights Dream

Theme, Enchanted Goddess-What is your Super Power?


Intentional Meditation Retreat

Work with me personally on Holistic Stress Management techniques that will empower you.

  • Chakra Balance
  • Color, Crystal and Gemstone Healing
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Meditation
  • Creativity and Manifestation Techniques

If you are a creative, who believes in healing through art, and the spirituality and connection achieved through experiential workshops, then you are choosing the right group of women.

 Pre-Registration Available Now-Limited to 10 Goddesses

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Teresa curriculum 2016

Joyful Journeys Spiritual Adventures are for you if:tricia moon

  • You are holistically minded and want to learn new “Agelessness”tips
  • Love the idea of staying at a private untouched remote bay on the Pacific
  • Would enjoy outdoor dining, with gourmet and healthy food prepared by a personal chef
  • Love creative interactive classes with a relaxed schedule
  • Want to rest, commune with nature with like-minded Wise Women
  • Are recovering from a difficult life change, want to make some new choices, and want to be supported by women who have been in your place.

Just going outside and seeing the phases of the moon and the colors of the moon over the Pacific Ocean was the most transformational for me. Tricia Richardson, Beaumont

Hold My Place! Pay for a Retreat this Full


Purchase Deposit of $350.00 

Non Refundable, and Required to hold your place in this Retreat.

(The balance will be invoiced 30 days after deposit is made. Must be paid a minimum of 30 days before departure.)

Privacy is the new luxury.

Have you ever been on a beach under the full moon, completely alone? No light pollution, just the peace and beauty of nature?

Our next retreat, on the Summer Solstice offers just that.

“I would say experiences like this are required. Being with a supportive group of women, and able to take off the mask and really talk in this beautiful environment gave me the trust to let down my guard.”  Michelle Biggs, Houston

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After an amazing fresh breakfast, we will have classes half of each day, and still have plenty of time to explore the area, take advantage of the water and the art, and forge lasting friendships. At night great food and maybe a cocktail as we watch the beautiful sunset from the Pacific?

  •  Crystal Clear Water
  • Remote Quiet Beaches
  • Vegetarian Food Available
  • Safe Private Transportation
  • Five star chef and Full service bar


Many women find their most productive, healthy and creative years shut down by perceived rejection. They feel invisible, unattractive, unappreciated, and have very few conversations that really share acknowledgement of their unique gifts and deeply inspired connection.


Early morning stretches, ahhhh!

I needed this year to work on myself and release some fear. I’m outwardly very strong and confident, but inwardly I feel fear of stepping out of my comfort zone. Barbara Whitton, Houston

What is Included?

Your safe and friendly ground transportation, a fabulous boutique beach front hotel, class materials and daily curriculum are included in the Package Price. To register, make your deposit, and then book your airfare.

Private/Single accommodations are limited, so book early if this is a priority for you. Accommodations will be assigned on a first come basis. Breakfasts are complimentary, but the rest of your meals are NOT included.

This fully curated trip experience is a seamless journey into Paradise, but very remote. Don’t count on full wi-fi and cell coverage. Food and drinks are extra, and can run from 250.00 for a conservative spender, to 350.00 for a more elaborate experience. The average really gourmet dinner with wine is about $25.00.


A recuperative, restful and and healing adventure!

To register, make your deposit of $350.00 and book your Airfare on United.

You will make your air reservations, on United, to join the group leaving from Houston, IAH to Huatulco, HUX Please, do not book on AeroMexico!

There is only one flight, Saturdays, that’s non-stop, IAH-HUX, on United Airlines

All retreats come with an orientation by phone with me for questions and additional personalized information. My suggestion is put a 7 day hold on an air reservation, and schedule a call with me. Contact me

I joined a Joyful Journeys retreat because  I have had 3 different health issues, and although I am recovering from all of them, it has left me with some limitations. I needed some time to figure that out. Anne Tonks, Seattle

Hold My Place! Pay for a Retreat in Full


Purchase Deposit of $350.00 is required to hold your place in a Retreat.  (You will be invoiced 30 days after deposit is made.)

Contact me for more information!

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closeI would be happy to recommend this. Anyone who wants to look into themselves and find their joy would benefit from this.

The location was perfect, peaceful, serene and private, with no interruptions of the experience.

“The insights that came from the group healing conversations surprised me. I really needed this.”

I can’t even imagine if I had passed on this, it would have been such a bad mistake.

I finally feel like I’m on the right road, and something good is going to happen, I just don’t know what yet.

Teresa Maron inspires women through creativity, motivates healing through art, and celebrates the spirituality and connection achieved through experiential workshops, retreats and stress management programs.



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